4 Apr

The movie is a mod mystery, but the fashion  reflected in it is a treat to every fashionista’s eyes. Even though the movie didn’t do much for me, but the fashion definitely caught my eye. The colors, outfits, moods of the characters were sexy flirtatious and fun. Fashion, when London was swinging in the 1960’s. The story revolves around a frivolous photographer played by David Hemmings who comes across a crime scene while taking a closer look at few f the pictures taken by him. Veruschka plays the supermodel of the movie and projects bold fashion way ahead of it’s time.  She poses for the photographer in a sequined dress with slits on both sides(no sides literally).

I love the clothes worn by the models during a scene when they are being photographed by David Hemmings. Absolutely love the head piece , the make up and the colors.  aahhh the fashion in 60’s.

I love everything about the picture above. The weird poses, the set, the monochromatic crazy outfits.


Jane Birkin played a wannabe model who wanted to come into spotlight. Did you know the Heremes Birkin bag is named after her?.


The Comeback

26 Mar

Like I promised I am back with a shiny new post. It took me a while, but hey I am not really a pro blogger. I do it for fun and if something really motivates me which was scarce in the  past few months (or maybe I was plain lazy which might really be the case). So I took out my colorful new dress (its spring after all)  and went out and about in Mumbai with my roomie komal. Sometimes we just forget how pretty the city we live in is, instead we go about exploring other places. Mumbai has such beautiful architecture and sometimes in the rush of everyday life we just look past it….

Britannia & Co

Britannia & Co

We stopped by Britannia &Co  for lunch, it has the most delicious parsi food. If you happen to visit please do try out the Sali boti and berry pulao. Absolute treat.

Shirt : Zara

Belt : Toshop

Earrings : Accessorize

Bag : Charles & Keith

Dress : Miss Selfridge

I got this beautiful dress on sale . 7 pounds ladies. BARGAIN!!

I got this beautiful dress on sale . 7 pounds ladies. BARGAIN!!

Komal went with more of  a autumn/winter look influenced by the fashion week that is going on probably. I love the top, its easy breezy and the fringe gives it an edge (Soft grunge?). Don’t you think?. I totally dig those denims. You all already know of my love for aztec prints. Refresh your memory here.

Top : Topshop

Jeans : Zara

Kolhapuri sandals : Colaba causeway

Bracelet : Curio Cottage

Bag : Somewhere in Paris

Colaba Causeway has the most amazing trendy/funky/traditional (you name it) kind of jewellery. Maybe I will write about it sometime.

Love xx

Here I Am

24 Jan

Missing in action yet again! I apologize to all my readers. New place and a new job can do that to you. So I am in India’s most bustling city, Mumbai. A lot has changed…my hair is a lot shorter(No, I do not miss my long hair, it was starting to get boring). Made some new friends, met many talented people and  few stars ;).I am definitely in the right place, for now. So after a long dry spell, I am returning to what I enjoy most, blogging. It seems like an easy job to  jabber about latest trends, outfit posts, fashion weeks..but believe me it’s not! Maintaining  a blog isn’t easy and giving into slacking isn’t hard. And I am a slacker! But I am going to try again to be an avid blogger. A shiny new blog post is on it’s way.  Love xx

Mint Obsession

5 Jun

I Love mint. It’s eye pleasing and fresh. The color makes me happy but can you believe it that I don’t own a single piece in that color?!. Boo! So for my current blogpost, I asked my friends to send me their  minty pictures as the obsession continues to grow. Look how gorgeous mint looks on them.

Pooja Shreshtha Thapa. Street style, London. I heart the necklace and the rings.

Nail Art by Anupama Gamangari. Mint & Gold

Sana Shah..holidaying in Istanbul

My lovely considerate sister is sending me a pair of mint jeans all the way from UK, not like you don’t get them in India. They are from H&M and are for only 10 £. BARGAIN!! Here is a sneak peek.

Sukanya Borthakur…sending me a picture for approval.

Go Mint It ladies!!

Style Muse : Elisa Nalin &TTH

4 Jun

You got to love Elisa Nalin. No one can color block like her, be it pastel hues or bright colors , she knows how to put them together. The boyish charm, the retro glam and the girly fun..she has got it all.  And the hair?!! How many of us can sport that hair and look effortlessly chic.





Another Lady whom I have been obsessing about is Taylor Tomasi Hill. Her unique style has always caught my attention and my pinterest board cant just get enough of her. Love the way she layers her outfits making a fashion statement each time, always giving an impression that she threw some pieces together and ended up looking absolutely fabulous.




Spotted : Street Style, Istanbul

31 May

Photo Credit : Sana Shah

Yay Or Nay?

Sonam In Cannes

28 May

Source credit : Twitter

Sonam is a stunner , already established that. I love the Alexander McQueen gown she is wearing, great choice for the red carpet. In some pics though it feels like the dress is wearing her and she could have done better with the hair. Maybe she should have tied it up and showed her neck off a little bit. However the dress is fabulous , love the intricate details . All in all, very ladylike, very Cannes.


Source credit : High Heel Confidential

Doesn’t she look like a party princess??. Absolutely gorgeous in a head to toe ensemble by Dolce and Gabbana which she wore for the Loreal Paris closing ceremony dinner.. And they made maching shoes just for sonam.. Love the 60’s feel in the dress . She is totally working it.


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